March 17, 2008

China's Spiritual Awakening

It's a bit ironic to look back on this BusinessWeek article from January -- while soldiers kill monks in Tibet, Buddhism is actually booming in China.

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Gerald Ford's picture

As you noted, this article was written before the recent protests, but I do think it's a very happy sign. China has such a fantastic Buddhist tradition since it's early days, and it's nice to see it being revived again. Also, the patronage of Chinese followers to Tibetan teachings might be a blessing too.

It also confirms what I've thought before: China is not one big monster. It's government might be, but it's a diverse place with lots of sincere people who want to find meaning in life, and some who are just big jerks.

I just wish the government wasn't trying to hard to flood Tibet with Han Chinese migrants. It's like solving its population problem by dumping people in someone else's backyard.