March 17, 2008

Tibet protests continue

Tibet's biggest protests in almost 20 years continue. They are outside Lhasa and outside Tibet, and they are all over the world. Western leaders continue to timorously timidly judiciously urge restraint, while the IOC urges "appeasement."

Check out the Go Tibet! page at the Worst Horse. You will of course remember the Worst Horse's Burma is Important project, to which this is closely akin.

The wise and whimsical Konchog of Dreaming of Danzan Ravjaa has a great post on China's outrages in Tibet and elsewhere, plus links to Olympic boycott sites and more. (Eighty killed, says the BBC.)

It is now five years and a day since the death of peace activist Rachel Corrie, killed by an Israeli bulldozer while protecting the home of a Palestinian family.

Bhikkhu's Blog has an interesting post from last week about the Deepak Chopra Buddha book.

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