March 14, 2008

What is Happening in Tibet?

The International Campaign for Tibet condemns the Chinese government's excessive use of force against a peaceful demonstration, while the Chinese government news agency Xinhua says the Dalai Lama clique is responsible for causing unrest and damaging property.

Meanwhile, in a piece of bitter irony, The Buddhist Blog notes the U.S. has removed China from its list of worst human rights offenders.

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rrrrrrrrrrr's picture

Tibet needs to be free. #3 is a stupid comment but any way they should be able to do what they want to do. I think it is wrong how the chinese are treating the tibetins. The chinese should take a step in the tibetins shoes and know whT IT FELLS LIKE TO BE A TIBETAN.

joe aipellee's picture

what the heck is going on cool i want to go there

Kristi's picture

I sure am praying for the people, there. I hope no one is hurt or tortured by evil men. I am Christian and believe God can intervene in this time. Our President needs to do something about it now. Our government is the greatest, most powerful on the earth,USA. And we need to do all possible to aid the Tibetan people. China needs to be put in their place, once and for all. Thank you, a concerned citizen of the United States Of America.

Phuntsog Spon's picture


I am a ladakhi a social worker and concern about Tibet
and like to thanks USA for their supportmIL

Phuntsog Spon