March 14, 2008

The BBC on the Violence in Tibet

The BBC has good coverage of this ongoing crisis. Here are the headlines:

Deaths Reported in Tibet Protests (an "unspecified number" of dead)

Eyewitness accounts: Tibet clashes

Tibet poses dilemma for Beijing (especially with the summer Olympics approaching)

Eyewitness: Monk 'Kicked to the Floor'

Chinese Media Silent on Tibet (so the rest of us shouldn't be)

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edwardmuphy's picture

You are completely right. BBC has performing very nice job especially all the news published after verification. Latest BBC News Headlines ( During surfing internet i found some information about the old age newspapers. Accoding to that informaton, Radio broadcasting began in the country in November 1924 First radio newspaper, broadcasting a consisted of greetings telegrams GROWTH, articles about international events, Moscow information, news, science and technology. Since that time, began to develop a new form of media - wired radio. Originally created as these broadcasts radio versions of newspapers: "Working radio newspaper.

Free Tibet at Offnominal's picture

[...] has a roundup of BBC stories related to the unrest, and the International Campaign for Tibet has made a statement. I would have more to say (or play [...]