March 04, 2008

Panchen Lama Too Young for Politics, Burmese and Sri Lankan News

China has apparently changed its mind and now says Beijing's Panchen Lama is too young for politics. The Dalai Lama's choice for Panchen Lama remains hidden somewhere, probably under arrest. having undergone years of "re-education."

U.N> special envoy Ibrahim Gambari heads back to Burma. Will he diplomatically express his dissatisfaction with Burma's "roadmap to democracy?"

India, the world's largest democracy, is tightening ties with Burma. They are neighbors after all. Can India use its considerable leverage to ameliorate the situation? Time will tell, but first the money has to start flowing. Imagine your next-door neighbor beats up his wife. But he sells you lots of things you want very cheaply and lets you park your RV in his driveway. This is India's dilemma.

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, on behalf of the National Council of the Union of Burma, calls out Burma's proposed new constitution as a mockery of democracy.

Three days of fighting have left 99 Sri Lankans dead -- 90 rebels and 9 government soldiers. Sri Lankan army chief G. S. Fonseka is in northern India to talk about arms deals. The death toll in 2008 in the Sri Lankan conflict may approach 2,000. The Sri Lankan navy picked up a drifting boast full of Burmese and Bangladeshi passengers. Officials believe the vessel may be linked to a human smuggling operation.

It seems Thai Buddhist monks are clued in on how to use and misuse social networking sites.

An interesting account of four UNESCO sites in Maharashtra, where Mumbai is located. Portuguese soldiers used to use the Elephanta caves, in an island in Mumbai's harbor, for target practice.

You may have noticed some intense activity on the blog post Gandhi. The complicated issue of how Gandhi is viewed by various constituencies in India and around the world is a big topic, one that will perhaps be addressed in a future issue of Tricycle. But it certainly has been educational to hear from those, especially the Ambedkarite Buddhists, who have posted here on this issue, so thank you for that.

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Monks who spoke to journalists in Lhasa will not be punished's picture

[...] want the Panchen Lama returned, and not the one who almost got into politics recently. The Panchen Lama, one of the most revered lamas in Tibet and second only to the Dalai [...]