February 28, 2008

Rapping Monk in Japan

There's crazy stuff going on in Buddhism in Japan. Here's a rapping monk, Shaka Munibutsu, with some rhymes to slap you out of samsara and guaranteed to decrease your dukkha. He's on a mission to bring the dharma to young folks. Hope he's on YouTube soon!

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Gerald Ford's picture

He he he, no. I don't think even they would go that low. :p

Philip Ryan's picture

Hi Gerald -- I thought that was his cheeky rap pseudonym, like Grandmaster Flash!

Gerald Ford's picture

*groan*...Japanese monks are getting desparate.

By the way, the rappin' monk's name isn't "Shaka Munibutsu"; that's a transliteration of Shakyamuni Buddha. The monks name is Kansho Tagai.