February 26, 2008

From the Blogs

There's so much great stuff to be found out there on the Buddhist blogs. Here's just a tiny taste:

Anyone planning to be in New Haven, Connecticut on April 11th should check out Danny Fisher's lecture, "What Does a Buddhist Chaplain Do? A Dharma Practitioner’s Reflections on Spiritual Care and Counseling" at the New Haven Shambhala Center.

The Buddhist Geeks continue their conversation with Brad Warner, who as all Hardcore Zen fans know is critical of Genpo Roshi's Big Mind process.

A great Zen story from Master Seung Sahn (slightly changed) on Marcus' Journal.

And a wonderful post from last week on The Level 8th Buddhist about the Joys of Devotional Buddhism (including quotes from the Pali Canon, if you like quotes from the Pali Canon.)

Bodhipaksa has a book out on vegetarianism as a Buddhist practice, and you can read sections of it on his blog. Thanks to Going for Refuge for pointing it out.

And for all us internet old-timers, Netscape is finally dead. Thanks to Simra.net for the pointer (and for helping develop Firefox.)

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Gerald Ford's picture

Technically, you did. ;) But only for a few minutes.

Marcus's picture

Phew, that's good, thought we'd lost you for a minute there!

Gerald Ford's picture


You weren't mistaken; I did remove my blog. It's a long story, but I removed it, then immediately regretted the decision, so I am building a new blog now. Nothing really on there yet, since all my entries are gone.

Marcus's picture

Hi Gerald,

It might just be the computer I'm using today - but it looks like your blog has vanished!

I do hope you are okay and that it'll be up and running again soon!

For me, alongside this wonderful Tricycle blog, I think 'The Level 8th Buddhist' is one of the very best blogs/resources on the entire net.

With metta to you Gerald, and with metta and thanks to all at Tricycle,


Philip Ryan's picture

Thanks! Got it.

Bodhipaksa's picture

Me again. I'm afraid there's a broken link to the "Danny Fisher’s lecture" post -- a duplicated "http" seems to be the problem.

Bodhipaksa's picture

Thanks for the plug. May I also mention that the Wildmind blog has a slew of new articles out on the theme of "Waking Up." We also have a newsletter that goes out each month and highlights recent articles and news stories about meditation.

Gerald Ford's picture

(including quotes from the Pali Canon, if you like quotes from the Pali Canon.)

Who wouldn't? :D

I can't believe Netscape is dead. I use to support computers in a campus lab running WIndows 3.1...wow a lot has changed. That's so Buddhist.

Danny Fisher's picture

Thanks for the plug, Phil! : )