February 19, 2008

The Beef Industry, faked photos in Tibet, and Gambari Heads Back to Burma

You may have heard about or seen the sickening video from the Westland/Hallmark meatpacking plant in California. It's been all over the news. James at the Buddhist Blog has a great post on it. 143 million pounds of beef were recalled due to cruelty and slaughtering sick animals at this plant. Do a little bit of reading on the beef industry, just a tiny bit. It will make you sick and it will make you angry.

U.N. special envoy Ibrahim Gambari is heading back to Burma after talking with leaders in China:

"The Chinese government has been helpful in helping on my access, including encouraging the [Burmese] authorities to receive me as often as possible," Gambari said.

Gambari last visited Burma in November, several weeks after the military government crushed mass demonstrations calling for democracy and political reform.

Gambari sees the Burma timetable as a significant step forward.

A bird flu death in Tibet. And this is good: a Chinese editor resigns over faked photos showing endangered antelopes frolicking by the new railroad cutting across the plateau.

And Barack Obama's eastern support.

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Gerald Ford's picture

Next week the Chinese Govt. will post photos of President Hu Jin-tao giving the Dalai Lama a noogie, followed by photos of them having a couple Tsingtao beers.

As for beef, garden-burgers are starting to look better all the time.