February 15, 2008

Burma News 2/15/08, Autonomy for Thailand's South? Sri Lanka's Civil War Expands

Danny Fisher follows up on Burma with a depressing report from avaaz.org.

An unlikely pairing: Amnesty International and John Rambo.

Quick: what's the capital of Burma? The zoo is being moved there.

The Karen National Union, a rebel group on Burma's border with Thailand, saw their leader Mahn Sha assassinated recently. He's now been replaced by his number two, Htoo Htoo Lay.

Autonomy for Thailand's Muslim south is "not unthinkable" according to an editorial in the Bangkok Post, but after a stir Thailand's interior minister Chalerm Yoobambrung is now stepping back from his statement.

And a recent wave of horrific bombings has brought the civil war in Sri Lanka to Colombo and other southern cities.

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