October 26, 2010

Suggest Buddhist organizations and charities for the next "Good Work" section of Tricycle

As many of you might have noticed, recent issues of Tricycle include a "Good Work" section that features a selection of Buddhist not-for-profits and charities. By highlighting these organizations, which have ranged from BuddhaBadges to Help Animals India, we hope to help them generate publicity and funding. Now we're looking for suggestions for the Spring 2011 "Good Work" section and we need your help. Send recommendations to info@tricycle.com or post them directly below. Look for the latest installment of "Good Work" in the upcoming Winter issue, on newsstands early November!

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tamaraack's picture

Please consider this Canadian charity, Enpuku-ji Zen Centre/Centre Zen de la Main, which organizes the biennial Montreal Zen Poetry Festival, a significant contribution to celebrating/promoting Zen-in-culture. www.enpuku-ji.org www.montrealzenpoetryfestival.ca
Thank you.

manfred's picture

I would like to suggest Daw Ariya Nyani's project in Myanmar, see here: http://ven-ariya.blogspot.com/

micheleharvey's picture

I would like to recommend Rokpa International, founded by Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche
They do wonderful work in Tibet, as well as Zimbabwe.

Viriyalila's picture

I would like to recommend Free Buddhist Audio

beng's picture

I recommend Kechara Soup Kitchen (http://kechara.com/ksk)

Susan R.'s picture

Please consider these:

Off the Mat and Into the World http://www.offthematintotheworld.org/

Africa Yoga Project http://web.mac.com/paigeelenson/Africa_Yoga_Project/Home.html

Street Yoga http://www.streetyoga.org/

Yoga Outreach http://yogaoutreach.com/

Rev. Danny Fisher's picture

I recommend Windhorse Community Services (http://www.windhorsecommunityservices.com).

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Adam's picture

There are two buddhist hospices in San Francisco that I know of, Maitri (maitrisf.org) and the Zen Hospice Project (zenhospice.org).

Adam's picture

I'd reccomend Enso House http://www.ensohouse.org/

Ron Stillman's picture

I would like to recommend Mindful Schools http://mindfulschools.org/