October 22, 2010

Mark Epstein, Sharon Salzberg, and Robert Thurman at Tibet House

In New York City on November 5th at Tibet House, Buddhist psychiatrist Mark Epstein, Vipassana teacher Sharon Salzberg, and Tibetan scholar Robert Thurman will come together for a discussion called "The Healing Power of Awareness." You can read about it (and buy tickets for $25) here.

From Tibethouse.us:

Mind, said Buddha, is the key to both happiness and unhappiness. The untrained mind, only partially conscious, is often a victim of itself. During much of our waking life, we are not actually aware of what our minds are doing. All kinds of negative inclinations are continually being reinforced and we act because of thoughts of which we are only marginally aware. The Buddha taught mindfulness to counter this tendency, to wake us up from mindlessness, and to help us be less victimized by habit or unexamined patterns of thought.

This evening's presentation will revolve around the healing power of awareness. Guidance will be given for those who are new to meditation.

Read more about the event and the speakers here. Register for this event here.

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