January 16, 2008

Zen HoJo's

An interesting business article by Tarun Khanna considers the increasing connections between China and India (two huge and growing economies that are not yet great trading partners) and how Buddhism is part of their "common language".

Does anybody remember eating at HoJo's? The world has taken a few spins since those days and they're almost all gone. There was one in Times Square here in New York until very recently. Well, if you're in Houston, stop by the former Howard Johnson's that's going Zen thanks to the Texas Bodhi Society. Now it's a vegetarian restaurant with free books and meditation CDs, and a Zen garden coming soon. (See Texas Bodhi Society on the dharmaweb.org page for Texas.)

Young people in Nottingham, England are getting the chance to ask the Dalai Lama a question. The contact info for asking is on the page, but we don't want to turn this into Stephen Colbert and that bridge in Hungary now.

Also, read suttas and hear them read aloud on the cool site Sutta Readings.

And if you're somehow feeling flush despite oil prices and the generally collapsing U.S. economy, why not donate a laptop to a child in the developing world?

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