October 18, 2010

Ask Sharon Salzberg about meditation

Interested in meditation? Tricycle.com/meditate is a great place to go to find out more. Learn to work with aversion, with metta (lovingkindness), and practice with the breath, the body, emotions, and thoughts. This page is part of Tricycle's 28-day meditation challenge, Commit to Sit: Go on retreat without leaving home!

Best of all, on Thursday, October 21st, from 4 to 5 PM Eastern, renowned Vipassana teacher Sharon Salzberg will be answering your questions, live on Twitter! Looking for tips? Confused about the jhanas? All mixed up about samadhi? Or just having trouble counting the breaths? Sharon knows all (or very close.) You can find her here:


We'll be following along @tricyclemag and hope you'll join in the discussion too!

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Estera Gotlib's picture

I would love to meditate, in fact i don´t have time at this moment!!

mir's picture

great!! thanks a lot....what time it will be in Perú? or New York?? (the time in Peru and New York is the same) Thanks in advance.

george's picture

lately i'v been having a hard time meditating, head full of thoughts, what should an indiviudal due when he/she is experiencing this issue

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