October 12, 2010

oxherding at Japan Society

Artists Max Gimblett and Lewis Hyde Present Ten Oxherding Pictures Remixed


October 1, 2010–January 16, 2011, at Japan Society

New York, NY – Celebrated New York painter Max Gimblett partners with author Lewis Hyde for oxherding, a fresh, American take on the Ten Oxherding Pictures, a venerated Buddhist parable from 12th-century China. Running October 1, 2010, through January 16, 2011, oxherding shows in tandem with Japan Society's major fall exhibition The Sound of One Hand: Paintings and Calligraphy by Zen Master Hakuin.

Read more here.

Image: Max Gimblett, Searching for the Ox, 2008, sumi ink and mineral spirits on HMP Woodstock, handmade paper, 23 x 31".

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alidoc's picture

A life changing exhibit with the priceless gift of doing a sumi ink painting workshop with Max Gimblett. May the Oxherding series return again to the Japan Society, may we work together to publish a book of the incredible work of Max and of Lewis Hyde, to share with one and all

kristen reyes's picture

A lovely show. Masterful rendering of oxherding by Hyde and Gimblett. The ink drawings along with the text provided a beautiful narrative.

This show needs to be one of your experiences at the Japan Society.

giovanni forlino's picture

Hyde and Gimblett have done something so exceptional. What a gift. An inspirational show which I deeply enjoyed. Masterful!

Between this original, and very convincing rendition of Oxherding, and so many of Hakuin's classics upstairs, I left Japan Society feeling proud and inspired.