January 02, 2008

Junta continues clamping down on the few freedoms left in Burma

In an effort to keep the news and its people farther apart than they already are, the Burmese junta has imposed massive fees on satellite television license renewals, according to the BBC:

Satellite channels were a key source of information for Burmese residents during September's crackdown on anti-government campaigners, in which at least 31 people died.

Soap operas and sporting events are also popular.

The cost of renewing the satellite dish rose from 6000 kyat (approximately $5.00) to 1 million kyat ($800). This is three times the average annual salary, obviously out of reach of all but a very few privileged elites.

Evolutionary Mind has a review of B. Alan Wallace's Hidden Dimensions: The Unification of Physics and Consciousness, which was excerpted on tricycle.com in October.

Brother Konchog of Dreaming of Danzan Ravjaa has a bad case of pneumonia right before his trip to Australia. Please drop by and give him your best wishes!

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Phil's picture

Glad to hear it! Be sure to thank PM Kevin Rudd for agreeing to get in line with the Kyoto protocol!

Konchog's picture

How enormously kind of you, Phillip! Feeling better now, ready to spread the good word Down Under and edumacate the populace about Mongolia's marvelous Buddhist revival.