October 12, 2010

How to Be Sick by Toni Bernhard

The Tricycle Book Club is currently reading How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and their Caregivers by Toni Bernhard (Wisdom Publications, 2010, $15.95 paper, available in all e-book formats). Foreword by Sylvia Boorstein.

Join us here from October 18-29 to discuss the book with the author (sign up is free and easy).

From the last chapter of How to Be Sick:

The Buddha inspires me because he never claimed to be anything more than a human being. In fact, the Buddha found pain just as painful as you and I do, as the Buddhist texts take great care to make clear. I take this as a reminder that the equanimity and joy we see in the many images of him is within the reach of every one of us. I never stray far from the first noble truth—the fact of dukkha in our lives. I think here too of Joko Beck’s teaching that our life is always all right. There’s nothing wrong with it even if we have terrible problems. It’s just our life.

Bernhard will join us from October 18-29 to discuss How to Be Sick. Sign up here to read Bernhard's introduction to the book club and to join the discussion.

Toni Bernhard was a law professor at the School of Law at the University of California, Davis until forced to retire due to illness. During her twenty-two years on the faculty, she served six years as Dean of Students. In 1992, she began to study and practice Buddhism. Before becoming ill, she attended many meditation retreats and led a meditation group in Davis with her husband. She lives in Davis with her husband, Tony, and their hound dog, Rusty.

Information on purchasing the book can be found at www.howtobesick.com.

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