December 21, 2007

One Foot in Front of the Other

Tom (of Blogmandu and Thoughts Chase Thoughts and other sites) has brought a great and powerful blog to our attention: One Foot in Front of the Other, which is the blog of a Zen practitioner named Michael whose illness has placed him the position of directly confronting the great matter of life and death. On December 14th he wrote:

I'm curled up on a bed in an ER exam room. An elderly woman lying on a gurney rolls by my door.

The gurney stops for a moment.
She turns to me and her tired, sad gray eyes meet my tired, sad blue ones.
Whisper acknowledges whisper.

Then she slowly turns away as the gurney moves on.

This is the kind of blog that shocks us all out of our collective slumbers and stupors like a bucket of ice water to the face: Open your eyes and see.

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patrick's picture

I read on Technorati that he had died.