October 04, 2010

Larry Rosenberg: The Challenge of Change

Larry Rosenberg teaching in India

Larry Rosenberg is the founder and a guiding teacher at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center. He is also a senior teacher at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts and the author of Breath by Breath - The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation and, more recently, Living in the Light of Death - On the Art of Being Fully Alive. His writings have appeared frequently in the pages of Tricycle.

In a 1999 interview with Tricycle editor Amy Gross, Larry discusses vipassana meditation as he sees it:

The heart of the whole thing is understanding. Not intellectual understanding, although that’s a way to begin. It’s deeply seeing into yourself. And that to me is different from concentration, which can of course facilitate such clear seeing. Many things help you with concentration, like chanting or bowing, so they can be useful parts of practice. But finally, there is no substitute for insightful seeing or for understanding how you create suffering for yourself; and in the process—in seeing into and through it—how to let go of it. It’s a life of awareness. That’s my passion.

Today he begins a 4-week video retreat at tricycle.com called "The Challenge of Change: Living Skillfully in an Uncertain World." He discusses the inevitable pain and suffering of trying to stabilize ourselves on the shifting sands of modern life—or even ancient life!

Watch his week 1 video here. Become a Tricycle Community Sustaining Member to enjoy a new Tricycle Retreat every month!

Photo © Dorothea Bowen

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