September 21, 2010

Beautiful photographs by photographer who shoot iconic cover for National Geographic

The work of the photographer who once captured the face of an Afghan girl for the iconic cover of National Geographic is now on display at the Birmingham Museum in Birmingham, England. Steve McCurry's photographs will be on display through mid-October in an exhibit titled Steve McCurry---Retrospective. In a recent interview with CNN, McCurry reflected on several decades of travel and photography and spoke about his interest in Buddhism:

As a photographer, you want to serve, you want the story to be told, in the most accurate, balanced way, to inform and give people a voice," he said.

While many of his images document people in times of hardship, others in his portfolio are joyful explorations of situations on his doorstep as well as in far-flung places.

He is especially drawn to Buddhist cultures and is currently working on a book filled with images of Buddhism across the world.

Below are a selection of McCurry's photographs taken in Cambodia, India, Tibet, Burma, and Sri Lanka.

McCurry has published many books including, In the Shadows of Mountains (2007), Looking East (2006), The Path to Buddha: A Tibetan Pilgrimage (2003), Sanctuary (2002), South Southeast (2000), and Portraits (1999). To learn more about his work, visit

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Ralph's picture

These pictures have a stirring quality. They go well beyond light and color to what moves us. Thanks for sharing so generously Linda.

Rose's picture

Wonderful pics!!

Corporate Portraits's picture

Lovely selection of shots- find the two shots of the figures walking in the distance really powerful

Frank Olinsky's picture