September 08, 2010

Gary Snyder Interview (Earth Day 2009)

Here is a short interview with Gary Snyder, conducted by Adam Phillips for Earth Day 2009. Snyder—Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, Zen practitioner, and Beat legend—primarily discusses the environment. A small dose of the wisdom found in the interview:

“A trail is only useful to get you to where you’re going to leave the trail.”

Listen to Adam Phillips interview Gary Snyder here.

For more Snyder, read his most recent Tricycle article, written with Nelson Foster, “The Fog of World War II.”

Adam Phillips, a longtime correspondent and documentarian for the Voice of America, has interviewed many leading Buddhist practitioners, including the Dalai Lama, Tara Brach, Gary Snyder, Sogyal Rinpoche, Robert Thurman and Tricycle Founder Helen Tworkov.

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dan scalvini's picture

if we never get on the trail we can never get off, so in that respect i believe that is very useful likie without a begining there can be no end.