December 04, 2007

Burma and Bodhi Day

More bloody confrontations unavoidable, says a Burmese monk, now in exile. (The Guardian Weekly out of the U.K. reported on November 16th (using reportage from Le Monde) that monks in Pakokku said, "If prices keep going up there will be more rallies. We didn't like the army entering the monasteries." They also reported a while ago that international outrage was fading fast over Burma.

Ask Pamela Gayle White! The translator, writer, and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism is available for your questions on the tricycle website until December 21st. She recently worked on a piece on deity visualization practice with Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche in the latest Tricycle.

Some nice ideas for Bodhi Day from the Precious Metal blog. Bodhi Day or Rohatsu in Japanese is usually celebrated on December 8th, this coming Saturday. In many other Buddhist traditions, Vesak Day, celebrated on the first full moon in May (this year there happened to be two) is the more important holiday.

Interesting and thoughtful reflections on being a vegetarian from the Buddhist Blog for this holiday season, very much worth a look.

And a review of Ken McLeod's commentary on the Heart Sutra by Peter Clothier of the Buddha Diaries and HuffPo.

UPDATE: Also The Rape of Nanking documentary on Google Video. And a great post on the blood rubies of Burma, with pictures.

- Philip Ryan, Web Editor

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theworsthorse's picture

nice to see the mighty Precious Metal gettin' a link!

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thank you for the link back!