August 16, 2010

At last, an interview with Aqua Buddha

There's quite a bit of intrigue surrounding Aqua Buddha—a deity that Rand Paul, a GOP senate hopeful, forced a young woman to worship during a bizarre hazing ceremony that took place while Rand was a college student in the early 1980s. While many have focused on the kidnapping and drug portions of the story that first appeared in GQ, MSNBC news anchor Keith Olbermann was determined to find out more about who and what Aqua Buddha is. Olbermann was able to snag an exclusive interview with Aqua Buddha and recently sat down with the deity (via Skype, apparently Aqua Buddha couldn't make it to the MSNBC studio) to set the record straight. Watch the short interview below to find out about the origins of Aqua Buddhism and how the religion differs from what Olbermann calls "regular" Buddhism.

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Emma Forsberg's picture

I have Bow to Aqua Buddha t-shirts! (Also new to the shop are The Rent is Too Damn High tees and buttons!)

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Sabio Lantz's picture

This reminds me of Clinton and marijuana charges back in the day -- as if it mattered. Cheap shots and deliberate misunderstandings. But such is media.

Though I value Buddhism, I joke with my kids all the time saying "Praise the Great Buddha" at appropriate times. In a good Zen spirit, I think it is important to make fun of our own seriousness and our own superstitious tendencies.

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