August 16, 2010

BBQ Grill Sign Painted on Prayer Flags

This comes our way from Tricycle reader Paul Volker. Apparently the zoo in Columbus, Ohio has painted the name of its "Lakeside Grill" on Tibetan prayer flags. Does that nullify the prayers that spread when the wind blows through them?

See more photos here.

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Paul Volker's picture

In an email letter sent Aug 18 by Paul Volker from the zoo:

At the Zoo we believe cultural interpretation and theming is vital to convey this message to our visitors and move them to take action. Our research indicated the flags do not carry ‘prayers to gods’ but instead are thought to spread good fortune to all living things. We also found them used everywhere from homes and gardens, to markets and cities.

Our use of the flags was meant to celebrate the Tibetan concept of spreading goodwill and compassion. After receiving your email indicating your concern we reevaluated our use of the flags and out of respect for those who might be offended have removed them from our food venue.

Marko's picture

Mmm--dharma tastes like chicken.

Patrick's picture

They probably serve those fruity cocktails in Buddha-shaped glasses with a tiny paper umbrella for a garnish as well.

Mr Jacoba Jack's picture


Dave's picture

It won't nullify but will give the prayers a wonderful hickory smell.