August 11, 2010

Documentary about Western Tulkus to be screened tonight on CBC

It is quite the news day for the Mukpo family.   The morning began with reports on the birth of a princess, while tonight, Am I reincarnated? Tulku, a documentary by Gesar Mukpo, will be screened on the CBC, Canada’s national public radio and television broadcaster (at 10 pm ET/PT).  The film will also be shown on the big screen at the Boulder Theater in Colorado, on the 18th.  I have not personally seen the film but have heard very good things about it, and I strongly encourage anyone with access the CBC to tune in tonight.

As reported by the CBC,

In many ways, Gesar Mukpo leads an ordinary life. He's working to build a career as a filmmaker in Nova Scotia, he's had trouble in his marriage, and he struggles to pay his bills. But there is more to Gesar's story. Tibetan Buddhists recognize him as a tulku - a reincarnated Buddhist master. Gesar was three when he became one of the first people born in the West to be recognized as a tulku. For his entire life, he's been trying to figure out what that really means.

Tibetan teachers - including Gesar's father, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche - began making their way to the West in the 1960s. By the mid-1970s, they began to recognize Western children as tulkus. Suddenly, a system that had ensured stable spiritual power and authority in Tibetan society for 800 years was transplanted into a completely different culture. And individual tulkus like Gesar were caught in the middle.

In this intensely personal documentary, Gesar sets out to meet other Western tulkus and to find out how they reconcile modern and ancient, East and West. Journeying through Canada, the United States, India and Nepal, he encounters four other tulkus who struggle with the meaning of this profound dilemma.


Read the complete article here.

Watch the preview here:

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Hope to see you all during the twitter chat tonight. If you're not on Twitter, you can still follow the discussion via the CBC website.

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This looks WONDERFUL. Thank you so much for sharing. <3