November 27, 2007

Protests at Bodh Gaya, Korean Idyll, and Tibet House Auction

Danny Fisher alerts us to the protests at Bodh Gaya -- protests against the Myanamar junta, that is. There is a strong Burmese presence in Bodh Gaya, Burma being not so far away. (Since the monks mentioned are wearing yellow, not red, they are more likely to be Sri Lankan, perhaps, than Burmese.)

Beautiful account (plus photos!) of a visit to Korea on the always entertaining Dreaming of Danzan Ravjaa.

Our friends at Tibet House are teaming up with Christie's for an auction on December 5th. What's up for grabs? Works by Donald Baechler, Lynn Davis and Annie Leibovitz, exotic trips and a guitar autographed by Dave Matthews. Download Tibet House's auction catalog here (PDF).

- Philip Ryan, Web Editor

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