July 29, 2010

Two Poems by Patrice Mason

I was very happy to find these two poems by Patrice Mason waiting for me in my inbox this morning...

To all you practitioner poets, writers, and artists out there, please feel free to submit creative offerings for the blog at tricycle@tricycle.com

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Patrice’s Poems featured on Tricycle.com :: The Official Sit's picture

[...] them out and let me know what me know what you think. Click here [...]

Rosie's picture

Love it! :)

Adel's picture

Brilliant words of wisdom!

Nura Awda's picture

Very inspiring poems!! The words are so beautiful and deep!
Thanks for posting them- cant wait to

Pierre's picture

Absolutely beautiful! This blog has some great work on it.

Tricycle » Two Poems by Dan D’Agostino's picture

[...] week I posted 2 poems by a writer named Patrice Mason and invited any and all practitioner poets to submit their work to [...]

patrice's picture

Thank you Zarfa!!

Zarfa's picture

waw those are beautiful.
Hope to see more of your poems on this website.
Love itttttttttt.

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