July 29, 2010

Church bans yoga

yogaReading the tabloids is a bad habit I've developed this summer. I've weaned myself off most of them, though, but I can't quite quit the British tabloid the Sun ("Got a story? We pay £££"). Today's edition reports that a Methodist church near Manchester has banished an over-50s yoga group, leaving elderly yogis throwing up their hands. The church's new minister fears the yogis could be preaching "rival religions"—more specifically, Hinduism and Buddhism. Iris Turner, a 64-year-old yogini, isn't happy with the church's new minister, Rev. Amanda Roper: "Her views are extreme," she tells the Sun. "We are hurt, disappointed and offended."  Mrs. Turner invited Rev. Roper to take part in the classes "to allay her fears."

A few more of today's Sun headlines:

"Muslims Pray in the Wrong Direction":

Indonesians have been facing Africa, not Mecca, when praying: The Sun reports that "Indonesia's highest Islamic body has admitted making a mistake when issuing advice on which direction followers should pray in."

"Nuns on the Run from Retirement":

Two French nuns have taken flight because their mother superior wants to put them in a retirement home.

I think it's the Sun's spiritual coverage that keeps me coming back.

Image: Taken from the New Concorde Area Arts & Recreation District's site. The Ohio organization offers yoga classes at a Methodist Church.

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Jimmydefish's picture

Religion is an excuse for ignorant behaviour?
Personally I think So, niether do I think God is going to strike me dead for this belief. Buddhism is a spiritual path for the enquiring mind. not the blind acceptance of the God botherers.

James Shaheen's picture

@ Karin - Note that the image of the yogini in the "whaddya gonna do?" posture is taken from a community center that holds yoga classes in a Methodist church.

@ kristin - I try to get off the Sun but I'm enjoying it too much in my spare time.

kristine's picture

With the addition of the Muslims praying in the wrong direction and the nuns on the run in France I am laughing out loud. The Sun's spiritual coverage would keep me coming back for more as well! I'm still laughing.

Karin - not only fear but closed minded ignorance.

Karin Johnson's picture

I was of the mind that Methodists were a bit more open and liberal than this. Our local Methodist Pastor just sent their daughter to India for a year to have her learn about the culture and spirituality. They do yoga and meditate daily. I think this minister runs on fear.

James Shaheen's picture

I thought "over 50s" meant you were no longer in your 50s. I also get the impression that Mrs. Turner, at 64, is one of the younger people in the group, but true, 64 isn't all that elderly, so I concede your point. In my case, at 51, I'm feeling elderly, but that's just me.

kim's picture

@leah :
but they are Over-50's plural which means they could be 60 and 70 and 80 - all over 50.

Leah's picture

The writer refers to an over-50s yoga group as being comprised of "the elderly". Most people in this society do not consider a 50-year-old to be "elderly".