November 21, 2007

Blog Blowback

The New York Times blog commented on Clark Strand's WSJ piece a while back. (See this post as well if you like.) There are many interesting comments following the NYT post: You certainly can't argue that Mr. Strand doesn't know how to ruffle some feathers. Many people seemed to miss that this was an opinion piece that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, although it's true that a related article appeared earlier in Tricycle.

It seems Brad Warner of Hardcore Zen wants a job, a good job! So keep your ears open. Hopefully you'd do that anyway. The Urban Monk, whose car we hope will be up and running soon, is grateful for his bed, as we all should be. And James from the Buddhist Blog wishes us a Buddhist Thanksgiving, even if he wished it two years ago. (He has a current post on Thanksgiving as well.) Every holiday, every day, should really be a day of giving thanks.

Check out this great post on the meaning and purpose of Buddhist prayer from Lopen Jinpa. And Bill of Digital Dharma points us to an Utne article on pseudo-science.

Broadway may be on strike but if you're heading to NYC you can still check out the Buddha Play: The Buddha in His Own Words. (Hat tip as usual to the Worst Horse!)

And would the day be complete without some news on BURMA?: What will ASEAN's human-rights wing do about Burma? Nothing. The Democratic Voice for Burma says China is sending military equipment into the country through their mutual border. (Why is that news, you ask, since China gives Burma all its weapons? I think it's because it's such a horribly inappropriate time for China to do this.) Meanwhile Burma tells the U.N. that it is on the course for democratization.

- Philip Ryan, Web Editor

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