July 13, 2010

Buddhist Street Art

UPDATE: Here is an interview with the artist. Some highlights:

It seems like Buddhist art is a big inspiration for you. Is this just aesthetic or is there a deeper meaning to it? Intuitively, I felt that “Eastern Philosophy” would be a good place to start. Nowhere in the world will you find as much information on the study of the mind than in the East. Also, I wanted to start with something that was easy to digest before getting into more esoteric/occult philosophies.

How do people seem to be reacting to your work? So far, the response has been pretty positive. Most people assume it’s just a Buddhist Movement, but I’m hoping they can stay with me as I move on to more challenging ideas.

Images: CRYPTIK on flikr

I know nothing about the Cryptik Movement, but I'm enjoying the images. As I guess I should have expected, their mysterious and cryptic website does very little to clear things up. Does anybody know anything about this?

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br'er baird's picture
florence haridan's picture

The intention of the work is to make the presence of the the Buddha "seen." The sheer experience of seeing the Buddha allows us to open our hearts to "being" Buddha spirit....

Free Humanity's picture

the art says all what else is there to know?

BuddhaBob's picture

Always the skeptic, I can't help but think that the 2nd image isn't "photo shopped" in (but that doesn't change the message, art is art).

Helen's picture

These are wonderful images. Not sure who shot them!

Kris's picture

Great street art.

The whois on the domain brings up interesting stuff. (won't post that here, out of respect for the person)

Also, from the combination of this picture:
and these search results:

it definitely appears to be out of Los Angeles.
Excellent art - I need to take a trip up there soon and look for more.

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