November 20, 2007

A statue saved in Pakistan, and the Zen of Meeting Women

There's a mention of SFZC's groundbreaking restaurant Greens in this pretty photo gallery of vegetarian dining in San Francisco, and also in the related article (from the New York Times.)

Normally when we hear Pakistan and Buddhism in the same sentence, it's because Islamists have dynamited another statue. But here's a case where some villagers got together and saved a statue.

Will Smith has studied Buddhism and Hinduism and says they're no better or worse than Scientology.

Who came out on top at the recent ASEAN conference? The Burmese junta, of course.

The Dalai Lama may break with tradition and appoint a successor before he dies. This is in response to China's new rules on reincarnation.

And, umm, the Zen of Meeting Women, discovered by Zen Filter.

- Philip Ryan, Web Editor 

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