July 09, 2010

Lindsay Lohan turning to Buddhism for prison stint

Via monstersandcritics.com,

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly turning to Buddhism to get her through her spell in prison.

The 24-year-old actress was recently sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation and it is claimed she is taking to the religion to help her get through the ordeal.

A source said to UK newspaper Daily Star: 'Lindsay's been fascinated in the Buddhist faith for a while, as several of her inner circle follow the teachings of Buddhism.

'Lindsay's devastated about the jail sentence, she has been crying non-stop. She's been told to seek spiritual guidance and find her inner peace. She's decided to study the art of meditation so she can stay calm through breathing techniques while she's in jail.'

While our culture's constant circus of tabloid gossip and drama has never been much of a concern here at Tricycle, people seeking to work with their minds and their life's challenges through practice is.  We sincerely wish Lindsay the best.

For anyone interested in providing practice support to prisoners, prison volunteers, and corrections professionals, please visit the Prison Dharma Network website.

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abercrombie's picture

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Mark's picture

In fact, this blog can't get enough of pop culture. Every time a celebrity says something nice about Buddhism, you can bet there will be a posting about it. A week or so ago it was Cher, this morning it's one of the Spain footballers. I suppose one doesn't have to read it, but I wonder what the motivation here is. Do we feel validated in some way because a famous person is a Buddhist too? Is it just our version of celeb infatuation? In the end, I guess, the answer to the koan "Does Linsay Lohan have Buddha nature or not?" is still "Mu."

lizzy's picture

i was going to blog on this (in fact, i did but decided against posting it). what bothers me is that these protected individuals (celebrities) have not learned to feel the pain that they created based on the merits of their own behavior. if a child touches a stove and does not feel the pain of the burn, how will that child know not to do that anymore? obviously, for most of us, a simple scolding will surffice. However, in the case of these individuals they are not in touch with "reality", as it is. that their behavior causes a reaction...a ripple....
i hope that she finds peace and comes to grip in some way. so many people in this world would die for what opportunities she has had laid in front of her....i find it disappointing that we focus on some of these people but what can you do....perhaps learn??? i hope so....even the rich have to learn that life is suffering...and i hope they just dont hide under the premise of buddhism, but that they really learn from it....namaste

Nicola's picture

I wish her the best. Living in that kind of circus must be dreadful. What nags at me here is that there was no need to tell the world about something going on at a such an intimate level. But maybe she had no choice, since she's still in that circus. Anyway, I tend to be skeptical when someone talks about being a buddhist and practicing, without actually doing the dirty work. :) But maybe now that the world knows, she'll have no choice but to do it. Good thing.

val's picture

Patricia Youngblood, just one comment: Compassion begins at home.

wes zeigler's picture

May her suffering yield realization of the four noble truths, lead her to cessation of suffering and put her on the path of the bodhisattva. We need all sentient beings to become awake to make 2012 a real harmonic convergence, particularly the confused and suffering ones.

Patricia Youngblood's picture

So disappointing to see this post on Tricycle, complete with goddess-gone-bad photo, Expressions of compassion don't begin to balance out the cynical (thoughtless, at best) participation in an exploitive, low-rent media frenzy.

Thubten Wangmo's picture

Prison or jail is one of the most difficult places to practice and meditate. Sure, there's time, but people who say it's easy to LEARN to meditate in a cell have never been in a prison where there is a noise level which you would not believe. Screaming and yelling and doors slamming and keys clanging and fighting and yelling from cell to cell and crying and an atmosphere you can cut. Anybody who practices in their cell is an amazing human being and has already begun to cut the root to their suffering. I wish her the best. There is nothing which can give Buddhism "bad publicity." You either have the karma to find the Dharma or not. Every human is the same. We all want happiness and its causes.

Mary Ann van Beuren's picture

Thank you, for the compassion on this page.

Sharon Saw's picture

Her interest in Buddhism is sure to be seen by some as a publicity stunt but i believe that just by having even a superficial interest in the Dharma will benefit her more than if she didn't take an interest at all.

I wish her all the best and may she have positive Dharma imprints during her time in prison and that it becomes a (many) lifelong affair for her.

John's picture

"I think for a lot of us we washed up on Buddhism’s shores after some shipwreck that happened in our lives"

Beautiful and true. From personal experience, when I began my practice it was a opportunity for some derision and ridicule from those around me. It eventually subsided and many realized that it is a positive force in my life.

I'm no Lindsay but it does take a shock for us to really approach practice as a life -long endeavour

RTW's picture

if she chooses this route I hope she continues it once she is done with her jail time. This may be the thing to mellow her out, I know it did for me :)

jigme Chodron's picture

I think for a lot of us we washed up on Buddhism's shores after some shipwreck that happened in our lives. I wish her happiness and I hope she finds the peace she is looking for.

Mister Yojinbo's picture

There's always the chance exposure to the Dharma will do her some good. And there's no better place to meditate than in the austere confines of a cell, whether in a jail or a monastery.

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Greg's picture

If this provides her the inner peace she needs to control her outward behavior, good for her. Unfortunately, I don't think it is good publicity for Buddhism. Just like Tiger.

Mark O'Leary's picture

Hmm. Well, when I first approached the dharma, I had some "gaining mind" as well. I suppose it doesn't matter which door (or window?) you choose, so long as you enter the building.