July 07, 2010

Termite "Buddha" draws thousands

Thousands of Vietnamese have flocked to a rubber farm in the southern Binh Duong province of Vietnam to see the work of a group of very unusual sculptors---termites. The insects have created a nest that vaguely resembles the Buddha sitting in meditation posture.

Via bigpondnews.com:

'Police and local authorities asked them to leave but others keep coming,' Vo Van Cuong, of the Rubber Company of Ben Cat, said.

He said thousands of people from southern Binh Duong province and neighbouring areas had rushed to the forest site.

The 40cm tall nest resembles Buddha sitting in meditation, Dantri International news website reported.

DTI News reports that local authorities have requested that Ben Cat District’s Buddhism representatives move the termite nest to Long Hung Pagoda so that "order can be restored in the area where it was discovered."

Images: www.dtinews.vn

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John's picture

I think it looks rather phalic...but not in a good, spire-like, cathedral way...

Sharmila's picture

i kind of like these stories, mixed in with the doom and gloom that constitutes news..

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Electric Akira's picture

The termites were all enlightened gawkers in a past life. But I don't think they would like the candles.

Electric Akira's picture

The termites were all enlightened gawkers in a past life.

Julie's picture

The wisdom of insect crowds.

Math Geek's picture

I think it's cool... why are so many of the Tricycle readers so serious??

johnny's picture

Well, there's a difference between coming to see an oddity and coming to worship a termite nest. It is pretty cool looking.

Mark O'Leary's picture

Ugh. Pareidolia is just foolishness, whether it's Jesus in a grilled cheese, the Virgin Mary in a hospital window, or the Buddha in a bug's nest. Pleasepleaseplease--distance yourselves from this nonsense.

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