November 19, 2007

Caption Me!

Tricycle contributing editor Frank Olinsky snapped this picture of a zafu around the corner from his Brooklyn digs recently, and it seems to scream for a caption or story, doesn't it? Let us know if you come up with one!


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Tom Armstrong's picture

I wish to thank Philweb for giving me the honor of announcing the winner of the "Caption Me!" contest who will receive the $10,000 scholarship and the token honor of being put on the mile-long list of Tricycle's contributing editors.

First, on behalf of Tricycle, let me express appreciation to all of those who have participated in this innovative online event. Why, Clark Strand estimates there have been somewhere between six and six thousand entries.

And the winner is ...[drumroll]... TOM ARMSTRONG!!! [The crowd screams in delight.]

Thank you. Oh, thank you. You like me! You really like me! Ah, gee. Thanks.

Yes, the jury cites the many levels of meaning to "It's not easy being green" on the certificate of my award. AND, its appreciation for my part in getting James Shaheen a free lunch at Googleplex. Thank you. Thank you. Shucks. Wow.

Paige's picture

The less we use the better the world will be

Tom Armstrong's picture

Now, now, Karl. Being cruel's OK, but don't neglect being funny.

Karl's picture

"Psst... Hey, Tom... where'd Steve go?? He was sitting right here next to me, thenI opened my eyes and he was gone... nothing but his Zafu and us other trashcans..."

bill stewart's picture

sit with your garbage and leave the rest

Billy's picture


Tashi Namgyal's picture

When we are ready to pay attention to, and let go of, our mental "trash", the zafu is there.

Jorge Vismara's picture

meditate about your own trash

djhappydan's picture

How about this instead:


djhappydan's picture

Oh, whoops--didn't notice someone had beaten me to the punch on the Oscar the Grouch reference. : )

djhappydan's picture

The denizens of Sesame Street hoped to bring some mindful awareness to the life of Oscar the Grouch by giving him the gift of a color-coordinated zafu.

Gerald Ford's picture

All is impermanent; even zafus!

(cute idea by the way)

Tom Armstrong's picture

It's not easy being green.

Jaclyn's picture

Sometimes, even Oscar the Grouch needs a little peace and quiet.

Susan's picture

Perhaps I'll come back as a futon!

Yolanda's picture

Quick fix didn't work....

theworsthorse's picture

"Please recycle!"

everybody's picture

zafu - "this is the friend... the end!"

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