July 06, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dalai Lama


It's His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 75th birthday today! You can share your birthday wishes here, courtesy of avaaz.org. And Bhuchung K. Tsering writes about the Dalai Lama as a role model in the Huffington Post here.

Also, marking the occasion is an interesting piece by Mary Finnigan at the Guardian entitled "The triumph of Tibetan Buddhism."

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George's picture

Nepal Police on Tuesday detained at least least 300 Tibetans on their way to celebrate the Dalai Lama's 75th birthday in Kathmandu. Superintendent of Police Ramesh Prasad Kharel, in-charge, Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka, said they were briefly detained to ascertain whether any of them were included the 'police list' and released after interrogation. He, however, did not divulge who the listed Tibetans were. Scuffles and injuries were not reported.

DSP Pradhumna Karki, Kathmandu Operation in-charge, said that over 200 arrests were made from Bouddhanath Stupa area, Swoyambhu, Kalimati, Maharajgunj and other places. Police also detained 44 Tibetan exiles in Kupandole and Patan. "We detained them for a few hours and dropped them at their respective refugee camps so as to restrict illegal activities in line with the existing law," he informed, adding that police did not intervene in their closed-door celebration.

Despite the tight vigil,Despite the tight vigil, the Tibetan exiles organised prayer meets in Jawalakhel refugee camp in Lalitpur and other monasteries to wish their spiritual leader good health and longevity.
Nepal Police on Tuesday detained at least least 300 Tibetans on their way to celebrate the Dalai Lama's 75th birthday and other monasteries to wish their spiritual leader good health and longevity. Police carried out random checks on the road and barred around 100 Tibetan monks, nuns and others from reaching Jawalakhel to attend the celebration.

Namkhah's picture

Dear "Wisdom Moon": Never miss an opportunity to mislead, do you? In fact NKT's guru maximus has yet to recognize Trijang Chocktrul– whereas His Holiness has not only allowed him to choose whether or not to practice Dolgyal, but also extended every courtesy to him. I expect you are the one actually playing divisive political games, not that the Tibetan community cares one whit–recently a gaggle of Sino-cultists tried to bombard Phayul with cult lore, they were utterly ignored, no one actually cares about this manufactured virtual 'issue'. WSS/NKT should put their resources into clearing the cult of standing murder and numerous threatened murder charges that still haunt them–until then you are tainted goods unfit for consumption.

Wisdom Moon's picture

Dalai Lama, it is a great sadness that you are actively destroying the practice of Dorje Shugden and criticizing your lineage Gurus. What kind of example is this for a Buddhist holy being where reliance on the Guru is taught as the root of the spiritual path?

Please think deeply about your actions and the divisions they are creating in the Buddhist community.

Rubens Turkienicz's picture

Happy birthday, dear teacher and guiding inspiration HH Dalai Lama!
May you have a long and ever more meaningful life as a living example of compassionate engagement in our lives, for the benefit of all! Wishing you and all nothing but the best in this precious human existence, many tashi deleks, Rubens Turkienicz

Becky Hayes-Willard's picture

Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the wonderful examples, your service, and most of all your kindness toward all mankind. You are such a wonderful inspiration.

Anita de Roover's picture

happy happy natal day!!! your inspiration helps me continue to grow and connect with my world in new ways!!

Ellen from Jerusalem's picture

Happy Birthday! We say here "Ad meah veesrim", until 120! May you enjoy good health, and may we learn and benefit from your teachings by sharing your light with others in the world, in your spirit.

crystal engleman lampe's picture

Wishing you the best of birthdays on this your 75th birthday. Thank you for your example. In service and with meta: a bodhisattva in San Diego.

Gretchen Guinn's picture

Happy, happy birthday. And may you continued to be blessed with good health. Infinite thanks for choosing this life.

karen Grogg's picture

you are an inspiration to many. You kindness and love inspire millions . Namaste

Lynn Lubben's picture

Happy, Happy Day of Your Birth! Congratulations and Best Wishes, Dear Heart. May your Bright Light continue to bless all who walk this earth for many more years. Thank you for being here!

Jerril Nilson's picture

Happy Birthday your Holiness! You have the best smile! Your daily living in compassion and love are a marvelous inspiration. I hope you have a wonderful day marking your birth and may the world awaken even more to your teachings in this next year of your life. Namaste.