July 02, 2010

Entering the Marketplace

that which you are

With "showing up," Genju of 108zenbooks concludes her Oxherding series. We'd like to thank her again for allowing us to share in her journey.

Daido Roshi comments, in Path of Enlightenment:

Although the moment of realization is just that, a moment, the process of studying the self and clarifying the nature of reality doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't even end with the old sage. It continues endlessly. The spiritual practice of Zen is a ceaseless practice.

1. Searching for the Ox
2. Finding the Traces
3. Seeing the Ox
4. Catching the Ox
5. Taming the Ox
6. Riding the Ox Home
7. Forgetting the Ox
8. Transcending the Ox
9. Returning to the Source

[Image: 108zenbooks]

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Philip Ryan's picture

Thank you, Genju! It's been a great ride. Please save me some green tea ice cream!

Genju's picture

Thank you, Tricycle, for the many years of teachings which supported my practice. And a special deep bow to you, Phil, for the last two weeks. It was great fun!

Durian cookies and green tea ice cream will be served all day at 108ZB! :-)