June 30, 2010

A picture and a thousand words

Just picked this up from a raft, who suggests this for the more "visually minded," and floated it over here:

a raft, four noble truths, eightfold path, wheel of life

Click on it to enlarge. It pretty much sums it up—Buddhism in a nutshell!

From a raft (Ashin Sopāka): "This was sent to me, so the source cannot be properly attributed, but it appears it was created by 'S Chinawaro Bhikkhu.'"

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Tricycle » Buddhism diagrammed's picture

[...] a diagram outlining Buddhism I referred to it as “Buddhism in a nutshell” (see “A picture and a thousand words“). I won’t make the mistake again—some cried foul because they felt the diagram was [...]

Ashin Sopāka's picture

@Bill, there is a lot missing from Theravada, and probably Vajrayana, in this chart as well, but these are the core teachings common to all the schools - the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eightfold Path and Dependent Origination/Arising. A search on Sutta Central would turn up the corresponding sutta/sutra in the different languages/traditions, i.e. Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta for the first two, and perhaps the Mahanidana Sutta for DO/A

@James, thanks for the link, but more importantly, thanks for helping to spread Dhamma! I am curious, given my comment to Bill, what might be removed from the chart?

jah's picture

Yeah, I can't find it on Google Maps.

Actually, I was just thinking about sectarian violence as a sadly validating factor. Or, to put it in a Semiotext(e) framework, a " "sadly (self-)validating "factor"." (Scare quotes added for "emphasis.")

Perhaps, for the sake of global recognition, Chinese Ch'an practitioners should set up a naval cordon around Lhasa.

Oh, wait. What?

James Shaheen's picture

Are you talking about the roadmap, John?

jah's picture

So, where's our Gaza?

James Shaheen's picture

True. And some things would probably also have to be taken out! Thanissaro Bhikkhu changed the title of the text "The Buddhist Religion" to "The Buddhist Religions" when he edited it—he argues that the different Buddhisms are more different than different forms of Christianity; in fact, so different as to constitute different religions. They can all call themselves "Buddhist," though, although the nutshells they're contained in may vary. (Interesting article on the "3-yana conceit" here.

Bill Esterhaus's picture

It's Theravadin Buddhism in a nutshell.

There's lots of Mahayana stuff missing from it that would have to be included if it were to be truly 'Buddhism in a nutshell'

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