June 25, 2010

A Buddhist Wedding for Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr?

Will longtime Buddhist Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, a follower of "Japanese Buddhism," have a Buddhist wedding? (Bloom is sometimes linked with Soka Gakkai in the press.)

Beyond sharing love, the two are also both Buddhists. Orlando is a long time Buddhist and in February 2008, Miranda told People, which first reported news of the engagement, that she practiced “Japanese Buddhism.”

“At the heart of it all, it’s about practicing peace,” she said.

Rumors have them marrying in New South Wales, where Kerr was raised. So ok, this is Friday fodder, but they do make a handsome Buddhist couple. Chant the Daimoku ("Nam myoho renge kyo") and see if you end up as happy as these two!

Click here to read Tricycle contributing editor Clark Strand's interview with Soka Gakkai International president Daisaku Ikeda.

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Ans1210's picture

I wonder if Buddhist wedding has something to do with traditional one. I mean attire, engagement rings or ceremony itself.

pearl  bloom's picture

They lok so cute together,i pray they last.

from Montreal's picture

Based on his past pattern of relationships, I give them 3 more years.