June 23, 2010

"Abbey Dharma" on Politics: Respect Others' Opinions

I think that calling oneself a Buddhist implies a dedication to non-greed, non-hatred, and non-delusion—a dedication that certainly transcends political stance. It would be wonderful if our sanghas welcomed political diversity and used practices of skillful speech to explain our opinions to one another. In situations that do not feel combative to me, I can work collegially. I can modify my position to accommodate others. I can recognize situations in which an attachment to a particular view has kept me from realizing a larger truth. What if we, as Buddhists in communities, were a model for the world political community?

Sylvia Boorstein, "Dear Abbey Dharma" (Summer 2010)

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"Dear Abbey Dharma" is an advice column that we introduced in our Spring 2010 issue. In “Dear Abbey Dharma,” Sylvia Boorstein, a psychotherapist and a founding teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California, answers Tricycle readers’ toughest dharma questions. Questions for Sylvia can be submitted directly to askabbey@tricycle.com. Who knows, your question just might be answered in the next issue of Tricycle!

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