June 22, 2010

Martine Batchelor on Breaking Bad Habits, Week 3

It's Week 3 of Martine Batchelor's Tricycle Retreat, "Break Your Addictive Patterns." Martine, a former nun in the Korean Zen tradition, teaches meditation techniques to free the mind from the deep and well-worn channels in which it usually dwells. Meditative techniques can open up untapped mental resources and allow us to creatively engage our problems and find new solutions and move us away from limited reactions that keep us locked into the same old patterns. Watch this 2-minute clip from her Week 3 talk to get a flavor of what she's discussing now.

As always, the Week 1 talk from this retreat is available to all, but the full talks from subsequent weeks are only available to Tricycle Community Sustaining Members.

Martine Batchelor Week 3 Clip from Tricycle on Vimeo.

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