June 22, 2010

World Cup 2010: Oh Peace, Korea

As political tension rises between South Korea and North Korea, Euronews.net reports that a Buddhist temple in Seoul organized a live viewing of the North Korea vs. Portugal world cup game in order to promote peace between the two Korean nations. One thousand South Koreans gathered at the event in Seoul on Monday to cheer on the North Korean team. From Euronews.net:

“Oh Peace, Korea” was the theme of the event, organised by the Bong Eun Sa Buddhist temple in southern Seoul along with a welfare group and a local radio station.

Undeterred, a crowd gathered as darkness fell to watch the North Korea-Portugal clash on a giant screen in the temple parking lot, or on 30 TV screens inside.

“One Korea!” they yelled, holding tickets reading “Viva one Korea, reds run together” in reference to the red strip which both teams sport.

Unfortunately, the support did little for North Korea who lost the game 0-7.

Top image: telegraph.co.uk

Bottom image: bangkokpost.com

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