November 07, 2007

Masterpieces of Buddhist Art, Burma deadlock, Traffic jams in Tibet


An exhibition of Korean Master Jin Hyung Lee's Buddhist sculptures is happening in L.A. at Silk Roads Design Gallery, 145 North La Brea Ave., until December 16, 2007. The event is co-sponsored by Korea Sah International Buddhist Temple, 500 N. Western Ave. Check it out if you're in the area. This seated Bodhidharma (Korean: Dalma) caught my eye, but there are more than thirty pieces in the exhibition, all as beautiful as this one. I love the chest hair on the "blue-eyed barbarian." (Sculpture is gilded bronze, 46 x 39 x 29 inches.)

The redoubtable* Worst Horse guides us to the Onion's take on Burma, and the site for the film Buddha Wild. And the Buddhist Channel picks up a WSJ piece: How Buddhism Became a Force for Political Activism.

BURMA: More heat for oil companies doing business in Burma. And UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari reports little progress there. He's been unable to meet with General Than Shwe.

TIBET: And there are traffic jams in Tibet.

CALIFORNIA: A big Buddhist statue in Adelanto, CA. Adelanto is sort of halfway between Barstow, where "the drugs began to take hold" in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and San Berdoo, where the Hell's Angels were born.

- Philip Ryan, Web Editor

* You can doubt the Horse again and again (but it will do you no good. Nor harm.)

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