June 15, 2010

A few last looks at spring...

Our web editor posted his now famous pictures of the flowering tomato plant thriving on his Brooklyn terrace, prompting Thomas Meyer in Germany to offer us his own botanical beauties, which I attach below. Tom writes of the dewdrop pic below:

It’s just a dewdrop, isn’t it? Nothing special. These things are all around you—every day. Life is so amazing, even in the smallest things.

Nice work, and vielen Dank, Thomas!

UPDATE: As for Philip Ryan's tomato plant—you can read more on tomatoes here from Tricycle gardening columinst Wendy Johnson. Maybe in a few weeks a tomato will grow in Brooklyn.

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Tom's picture

@James The text reads "Photo of evidence: fresh flowers have been fetched." So in this case "sind besorgt" is third person present perfect passive of "fetch".

James Shaheen's picture

@Tom, why are fresh flowers "besorgt"? Are they about to be cut?

Tom's picture

@Barbara Actually it's a Tagetes Patula ("Student's flower") aka "French Marigold". It's a very common (cheap) flower for gardening and balconies.
The orange color of this one also refers to the "Spring of Freedom" initiative and stands for (free) education.
However: I planted this one not for political reasons, but because it is really beautiful. And it reminds me of my time as a student, when I would have loved one of these, but were not able to. Because a small flat in someone's cellar was all, that I could afford back then.
This cellar nearly killed my plants ... the cellar and the neighbor's cat, chewing on them.

James Shaheen's picture

Yeah, I love them, too. Thomas Meyer took them--he's a twittering IT and net-policy guy in Germany, very nice of him to offer these up!

Barbara Cary's picture

James: The pic below looks like a Cosmos. They often return year after year, once you get them going. A very nice plant. Love the pics.Barb Cary

James Shaheen's picture

@tom They're there now! I don't know why they disappeared but we've got them back. And again, many thanks to you.

Thomas Meyer's picture

What a nice surprise, thank you! Still: the picture doesn't show in my browser.

For your convenience I uploaded it to my web-server, so you may get a copy:
- Web 800x600px (100kb)
- Original photo 2800x2100px (1Mb) suitable for printing

As I said, it is free art under Creative Commons Attribution License, so may use and copy it as you like.