June 13, 2010

Tomato flowers

I'm growing tomatoes on my balcony. Today I noticed a few auspicious yellow flowers peeking out.

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Tricycle » Three last looks look at spring's picture

[...] web editor posted his now famous pictures of the flowering tomato plant growing on his Brooklyn terrace, prompting one Thomas Meyer to offer us his own botanical shots, [...]

Tom's picture

@Rebecca Indeed! It doesn't matter that they are small. Every little thing has a beauty in itself.

E.g. look at these dewdrops: http://twitpic.com/qxb3c/full ... it's just a dewdrop, isn't it? Nothing special. These things are all around you - every day. Life is so amazing, even in the smallest things.

(BTW: the picture of the dewdrops was taken by me and is free art under a Creative Commons Attribution license - so go on copy it, if you like.)

Rebecca's picture


Philip Ryan's picture

Thanks for the advice, Tom! We'll see how it goes...

Tom's picture

Is this the first time you grow tomatoes? Great plants - but need to be watered daily. Remember to pinch back the tomatoes ~ once in 2 weeks (I guess you know what this is and how to do it?).They like to clinch to some stick (as they may grow up high) and of course: a lot of sun. They don't like their leaves touching the ground.
This particular little plant looks like there is not enough soil in the pot.
For the cat - try cat grass: it's inexpensive and cats really love it. I've also seen a cat chew on a cactus, once ... but just once. My cactus still has a hole in one leaf due to the impact of cat teeth. The cat was lucky enough to get away without a free tongue piercing.