November 06, 2007

The Art of Reality

You may have read Bruce Wagner's essay "The Art of Reality" in the pages of Tricycle or on (Bruce also had something to say about the fires in and around L.A. and San Diego in the pages of the New York Times not long ago.) In response to a recent letter to the editor regarding his essay on Dr. Castaneda, "which seems to have raised an eyebrow in one reader," Mr. Wagner had this to report:

"At the invitation of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, several practitioners of Tensegrity who worked directly with Carlos Castaneda recently conducted a sold-out workshop at the Shambhala Mountain Retreat in Colorado. (There were more than a hundred people on the waiting list.) The weekend was conceived as a meeting between the Shambhala branch of Tibetan Buddhism, and the traditions of the shamans of ancient Mexico. The next event will be held at the same center, July 31 -- August 3, 2008, and will be able to accommodate three times as many people who attended."

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