June 11, 2010

Zen Monster Vol. 1 No. 2

The new issue of Zen Monster is out and available wherever cool literary zines are sold (although see below.) This issue seems more prosy but nor more prosaic than the last. Highlights: Gary Snyder's "Formalism and Elitism in Zen," an interview the poet Alice Notley, and Dairyu Michael Wenger's entrancing ink-on-rice paper paintings (which can also be seen at his blog Inklings) that punctuate the 300+ pages. This issue is probably twice as thick as the first, which we mentioned here a while back. Did any readers of that post submit anything to ZM?

Pages 94 and 95 have a great and strange drawing accompanying a wonderfully weird piece of writing (which among others was performed, I believe, at a party on May 15th at the Bowery Poetry Club) by Andrea Clark Libin called "Blake's Daughter in Leningradsky Station." I single that piece out for no particular reason, but if you come across Zen Monster (according to the copyright page only 500 copies were printed, which means it will be rare—used copy for sale on Amazon here) turn to pp. 94-95 and read it. The issue is crammed full of beautiful art, poetry and prose, so if you spot one of the elusive Monsters, snatch it up.

From their site:

ZEN MONSTER'S credo reads, "poetry, fiction, art & subversive political commentary" by buddhist, non-buddhist and trans-buddhist poets -- "no inherent limits." The buddhist connexion is mainly like the Ginsberg-Kerouac-Waldman-Whalen-Snyder variety, easy connectivity, multi-disciplinary, non-hierarchical, all-welcoming.

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Brian Unger, Editor, Zen Monster's picture

You can buy a copy of Zen Monster by going to www.spdbooks.org and doing a search for 'Zen Monster' in the search window, or click on 'New Magazines' or 'Poetry Anthologies' and type in search terms 'Zen Monster.' Thats the most efficient way to get a copy, or email me, the editor, Brian Unger, at: fitzunger@yahoo.com and i'll send you one after receiving a check. thanks! -- Brian

wes zeigler's picture

They Were Buddhist
I watched papa-san guiding his wooden plough
behind his water buffalo ploughing the muddy paddy
getting it ready for planting the rice for sustance
in the dry season when the paddies bake and crack.

Papa-san never looked back as we trooped through.
I watched him plowing his row and thought,
"How does he stay so calm amist our sloshing
and rattling through his paddy?"

Looking at his hooch whithered like driftwood,
I was struck by the round mound of mud attached'
like a the larvel mound of a wasp's nest that was his bunker
to shield him from our bomb blast and artillery explosions.

How does he remain so nonchalant was we tromp through
after Charlie came through last night and, after us,
the NVA tonight. How do these people live
with such equinimanity amist this hell of war?

Then it struck me like a glimpse of the clear light of enlightenment:
They're Buddhists and long ago had let go
of their likes and dislikes and found strength in surrender
to the here and now no matter what arises from one moment to the next.

Papa-san was completely open to following his buffalo's heavy tread
free of either dread or delight alike, undistrubed by us
by Charlie or the NVA, even death should it blow through
because he lived by the Buddha's wisdom awakened over 2500 years ago.

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