June 06, 2010

5 Day Buddhist Monk Diet? It works.

buddhist diet

Here's what we read at Environmental Health News:

People who adopted a vegetarian diet for just five days show reduced levels of toxic chemicals in their bodies. In particular, levels of hormone disrupting chemicals and antibiotics used in livestock were lower after the five-day vegetarian program. The pilot study suggests that people may be able reduce their exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals through dietary choices, such as limiting consumption of animal products like meats and dairy.

And whose diet did they follow?

Twenty-five participants lived in a Buddhist temple and adopted the monks' lifestyle – including their traditional vegetarian diet – for five days.

This isn't the first we've heard of a Buddhist diet. Former Zen monk Clark Strand developed the Bhikkhu's Diet, modeled after his good friend Thai Forest monk Thanissaro Bhikkhu's mealtime habits. To hear how Clark brought down the weight, read the Bhikkhu's Diet here.

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Bonsai Art And Its Meaning's picture

[...] Tricycle » 5 Day Buddhist Monk Diet? It works. [...]

James Shaheen's picture

Thanks, Mumon. (Check out his post here.)

JB: If you can afford a completely organic vegetarian diet, great. I find it kind of expensive unless I manage to make it to the local farmer's market—not always possible. And, of course, I've got to eat something.

jb's picture

the Bhikku diet doesn't seem to be vegetarian at all. Is there a special vegetarian Buddhist diet or is it just a vegetarian diet? And what about all the chemicals used on vegetables or should you eat a completely organic vegetarian diet? This is one of the least clear blogs ever.

Mumon's picture

I've no doubt about it that it works; on my blog however I try to put that in a little more context.

I also point to a more pedestrian issue in this regard: it's time we did something about commuting distances.