June 03, 2010

Go, Lakers!

lakers, buddhism, phil jackson, george mumford

I'll be in Boston at the end of next week so I hesitate to make this public. But what the heck, the title has already given me away: I'm a Lakers fan, and I couldn't be happier with the matchup. Lakers/Celtics has almost become a tradition, kind of like the Dodgers and the Yankees.

But I'd like to make this post somehow Buddhist.  So, in preparation for the game tonight, I  suggest you read our 1994 interview with Phil Jackson here (granted, he was a Bull back then). And for good measure, take a look at our recent brief profile of onetime Lakers meditation coach George Mumford (you can find an earlier, full Tricycle interview with Mumford here).

I hope not long from now I can be as happy with the result as I am with the matchup. Throughout I'll work on my equanimity.

UPDATE: I don't speak for the entire staff (I've discovered).

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James Shaheen's picture

It's very sad, Sam, and I feel the Blazers' pain. Let's give them a "B" for effort.

Sam Mowe's picture


For most of us an NBA championship is more out of reach than enlightenment itself—we don’t have to be freak athletes to be warriors on the meditation cushion—but after reading your post, I see that you have a long way to go towards becoming an enlightened sports fan.

Simply stated: the Showtime Lakers are the Mara of NBA teams. Big egos, Hollywood stars on the sideline, and they think they’re better than everybody else. The Lakers are the epitome of greed and delusion. Do you really think Kobe has Buddha nature?

*I should reveal: As a Blazer fan (and bad Buddhist) I will forever hold on to the memory of the 2000 Western Conference Finals.

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