May 13, 2010

Andrew Olendzki at the Tricycle Book Club May starting 17th

Join us this Monday, May 17th, at the Tricycle Community Book Club as we begin discussing Andrew Olendzki’s new book, Unlimiting Mind: The Radically Experimental Psychology of Buddhism. Buddhist psychology can be a heavy subject, but Andrew manages to keep it light without losing any of his subject’s depth. As a longtime Buddhist scholar and practitioner, he’s able to distill the crucial ideas from his studies and make them accessible and useful for the reader.

Watch Andrew discuss Unlimiting Mind with Tricycle’s Joan Duncan Oliver below.

Andrew Olendzki, Ph.D., was trained in Buddhist Studies at Lancaster University in England, as well as at Harvard and the University of Sri Lanka. The former executive director of the Insight Meditation Society, he is currently the executive director of the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Barre, MA. He is editor of the Insight Journal.

You can buy the book at a 30% discount through our friends at Wisdom Publications—include the promo code TRI001 with your order.

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Ruth's picture

How inspiring, on a rainy summer day, to come across this video and hear the poetic and positive vision of humankind spoken ~ both in moment to moment thoughtfulness and in the reading of the book. Congratulations on the publication, and here's to the integration of evolved psychology (therapy) and the integration of the here and now of the Buddhist tradition; freedom indeed to change, through on and of the cushion mindfulness, within the self and in nature and the arts.

G. Arnold's picture

This is a wonderful interview. Best wishes to Andrew from a colleague from years ago!

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