May 07, 2010


Jeff Watt at Himalayan Art Resources has returned from China to alert us to signage in "Chinglish." Apparently, the Chinese government will soon be making an effort to clean up their act, so you won't be able to enjoy mishaps like these for long.

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hh's picture

Shanghai Scrap » The Mighty Gross Huangpu River's picture

[...] Scrap believes that there's rather too much writing about Chinglish in the foreign media and blogsphere - especially by people like me who really have no business making fun of someone else's foreign [...]

axle's picture

If you think this sort of thing is funny check out hilarious

mary fitzsimons's picture

but its probably true!

108zenbooks's picture

There should be a warning about potential spewing of tea on this post! :lol:

arunlikhati's picture

This is almost as funny as hearing Jewish folk trying to speak Chinese ;)