April 26, 2010

Tibetan Nomad photos by Alison Wright

Alison Wright photo/NYT

The New York Times features a photo essay by—and interview with—photographer Alison Wright.

Q: Why were you attracted to the Tibetan nomads?

A: There’s a real visual beauty about them. Not to be a romantic pastoralist, but you see this woman walking down the street with a waterfall of amber and turquoise and carrying a bag of cement or something. The issue for me is how much they have really endured — not only the difficulty of living on the land — with the Chinese coming in and telling them how they can live and where they should live, having their land taken away and now having to seek out a whole other way of living. They’re being forced to leave the land, to no longer be nomadic and to move to the city.

[Image © Alison Wright. Hat tip: Rev. Danny Fisher]

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Rebecca's picture

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

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